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Anti-dust mite

The treatment that protects you from this everyday enemy

5àsec eliminates dust mites caught in the fibres of your textiles using innovative, natural products to protect you from allergies caused by these little creatures.

Dust mites are minute arachnids, invisible to the naked eye. They produce a very large quantity of waste, highly allergenic for humans, at the origin of respiratory disorders (asthma, chronic rhinitis) in addition to conjunctivitis or eczema.

These parasites feed on hair and skin flakes, and flourish anywhere where they find this. They multiply very rapidly, are very resistant and often withstand cleaning.

We can develop allergies at any time in our life. But children, teenagers and elderly people are particularly at risk.

To prevent any such problem and prevent your duvets, pillows, sheets, curtains, carpets, etc. from being infested with dust mites, they must be regularly cleaned.

Our Research & Development department has developed an efficient treatment with natural extracts of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus, which protects your textiles from any infestation with dust mites for 6 months

5àsec advices you

Reactivate the treatment each time the garment is cleaned for an optimum result.

Learn good habits to prevent the proliferation of these allergenic little creatures: open your bedroom windows for half an hour each day, avoid overheating (no more than 18°) and vacuum clean rugs and  carpets at least once a week.

5àsec will also deal with treating your rugs and carpets against dust mites.

Tratamiento Antiácaros - 5àsec

Ideal for the following textiles

Duvets, pillows ...