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The essential treatment for your woollen articles

5àsec has developed an efficient, natural anti-moth treatment. This guarantees full protection of your textiles as well as perfect hygiene

Moths are small butterflies that produce larvae that are invisible on your textiles. They are particularly fond of wool and other natural fibres contained in your clothes, such as your coats, suits, pullovers, cardigans and skirts, as well as your blankets and carpets.

The only way to ensure perfect hygiene and durable protection of your woollen articles against these parasites is to have them cleaned then undergo a specific treatment by a specialist.

5àsec offers you the MICROSTOP® treatment with a natural plant extract base. There is therefore no danger for your health

5àsec advices you

Have your clothes undergo an anti-moth treatment at each change of season and more specifically at the start of summer and winter, and after each cleaning.

Close your wardrobes and cupboards to stop moths getting in them.
Place clothes that you do not wear often under a protective cover.

Tratamiento Antipolillas - 5àsec

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