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Not a crease in sight

With its starch treatment, 5àsec guarantees a traditional quality finish, and ensures your textiles hang well.

Starching is a very ancient method but suitable for the needs of today’s fibres.

Using a perfectly controlled procedure, our experts apply this finishing treatment to your textiles restoring their crisp look whilst protecting the softness of the fibre.

Starching not only guarantees perfect ironing, but also protects your textiles against incrusted stains, giving them a glossy finish.

5àsec advices you

Starching gives a perfect finish to classic tuxedo shirts. They will continue to look their best throughout the event.

Don’t hesitate to request a starch treatment for your tablecloths and napkins. Your tablecloth will hang superbly and you will be able to fold your table napkins as you wish and stand them on your table without the risk of them falling over or collapsing.

Tratamiento Almidonado - 5àsec

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