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Freshen your laundry

Your laundry deserves professional care for a deep cleaning.  

5àsec experts use specific washing and drying techniques suited to the nature of your laundry and can also offer you complementary care services for extra comfort.

Your laundry needs professional cleaning. Stains, rings, dirt, mildew stains, dust mites… 

A simple machine wash does not guarantee your sheets, tablecloth, duvets and sleeping bags are perfectly cleaned and may even damage them.

Our team of professionals use techniques, products and equipment suited to the size and composition of your textiles to guarantee optimal results and finishing.

5àsec advices you

Avoid washing your duvets at home if you have a washing machine with less than 10kg washing capacity. Putting your duvet in a machine that is too small could severely damage it.

Make an anti-mites treatment at least 2 times a year to prevent dust mites from colonizing your duvets.

Ideal for the following textiles


Duvets, pillows ...


Sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases ...