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White +

Your white garments will shine again!

5àsec exclusively developed the treatment White+ to give back the original whiteness to your garments.

5àsec White+ ... whiter as it gets!

An expert service design exclusively for 5àsec with positive good results.

Your white garments and house articles are commonly used. In addition, they get dirty very easily and the textile fibers can become fragile with the recurrent washing.

The 5àsec White+ service was created to treat efficiently the white garments in most of the synthetic and natural fibers. Not only we use an anti-bacterian solution, 5àsec White+ also restores the original whiteness, eliminates halos and perserves the textile fibbers nature, given the absence of chloride.

5àsec advices you

For better results we recommend repeating the treatment with each cleaning process.

Tratamiento Ultrablanco - 5àsec

Ideal for the following textiles


Sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases ...


Shirts, t-shirts, cotton dresses